”Reaching beyond where you are is really important."
Martin Seligman


Do you know how would a bean become to flourishing tree ?

Life is full of infinite possibilities!During the journey of life, we believe that everyone must have positive beliefs as the pillar of life, continuous explorations and awakenings, in order to cooperate with each stage of growth and develop a unique and extraordinary life.


Empowering individuals and teams through positive transformation to flourishing and well-being.


POSITBEANS empower positive approach to promote potentials of individuals and teams aims at  optimizing capabilities, engagement and well-being to flourishing.

We promote THREE positive approaches that drive individuals, teams & organizations to CHANGE : 

  • We provide a variety of targeted trainings with positive approach which enables capabilities of individuals and teams are optimized.   
  • We create development initiatives based on positively oriented which unleash the full potentials and strengths of leaders and teams.
  • We design positive transformation journey which leading learners from good to great.




  • People-oriented :
    We believe everyone has the unique strengths and potentials, focus on developing people strengths and unleashing their potentials which inspiring positively changes.
  • Scientific-based to practice :
    We design and develop solutions based on organizational and positive psychology as well as transform scientific research results into practical strategies which enable to application in real work-life settings.
  • Innovative learning : 
    We bring learning to life and the workplace in innovative ways, design to enhance people's learning experience and deliver results consistently.


We have a strong teams of psychologists, talent development and training professionals with extensive experience and professional qualifications in different fields. Each of them is an industry practitioner with many years of experience, and has the most persistent passion for personal and organizational development, training and helping people grow.

Who Are We

Positbeans Academy Limited

POSITBEANS is an innovative people development consultancy in Hong Kong. We dedicated to unleashing and developing potentials of individual, team and organization, and transforming them into excellent capabilities by positive thriving.

We provide a wide range of training and development programs, workshops, psychometric assessment services and international recognized qualifications. Positbeans' training programs focus on positive well-being and engagement, talent development, leadership and team management, employee performance and productivity.

At the core value of POSITBEANS you will find that we emphasis positive changes, discover and unleash potentials and inner strengths of people. As your people change the way they think, they change the way they act. People engaged by positive transformation alongside improve their performance and well-being in personally and professionally. We believe that talents are the most important assets of the organizations. By well trained and positive transformation of your people could corporately build a strong team and achieve outstanding performances, which will allow talents and organizations to flourish.