Hit the target training is essential to YOUR PEOPLE


POSITBEANS has various topics to choose from performance improvement to transformation in your workplace. Our workplace solutions
can be adapted to meet your needs and are available in the form of a workshop, face-to-face or virtual training.
Combine these topics to create a tailor-made training program to your peoples.

  • Positive Psychology @work

    Positive Psychology @work

    • Positive Psychology at work
    • Positive working environment
    • Positive environment development
    • Positive organizational solutions
  • Strength-based Leadership

    Strength-based Leadership

    • Leadership & Supervisory in Today’s workplace
    • Strength-based Leadership
    • Self-Efficacy & Resilience
    • Manage in different generation
    • Winning approach for Leaders
  • Positive Relationship & Communications @Work

    Positive Relationship & Communications @Work

    • Positive Communications at workplace
    • Effective in relationship & communications to different peoples
    • Gateway to improving communication skills at the Workplace
    • Peoples Measurement through Psychometric
  • Customer Buyology

    Customer Buyology

    • Consumer Psychology in Today’s context
    • Consumer psychological behaviors
    • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Engagement

    Employee Engagement

    • Workplace Mindfulness
    • Stress Management
    • Resilience Competence
    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    • Stress Quotient
  • The Powerful Team @work

    The Powerful Team @work

    • Team Effectiveness & Management
    • The Strengths of Team member
    • Strengths-based management
    • Team Transformation
  • From Complaint to Compliment

    From Complaint to Compliment

    • Customer Engagement in Today’s context
    • Managing Conflict & Problem Solving
    • Effective in relationship & communications to different peoples
    • Sustainable Customer Engagement
  • Sales Force Willpower

    Sales Force Willpower

    • Psychology of Sales Training
    • Consumer Psychology
    • Willpower to achieve target
    • Building Willpower for peoples
  • Workplace Mindfulness

    Workplace Mindfulness

    • What is Mindfulness?
    • Benefit of Workplace Mindfulness
    • Stress management for employee
    • Mindfulness at workplace
  • From Manager to Manager Coach

    From Manager to Manager Coach

    • The difference between Manager & Manager Coach
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Strengths-based coaching
    • Time Management
    • Team Management
    • Performance Coaching
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making @work

    Problem Solving & Decision Making @work


    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • 5-Steps Approach in Design Thinking
    • Practical Case Study
  • Positive Conflict management

    Positive Conflict management

  • Resilience @work : Turning Stressful Situations into Advantage

    Resilience @work : Turning Stressful Situations into Advantage

    • Positive Psychology at Workplace
    • Important of Resilience to peoples
    • Growth Resilience
    • Building Resilience for peoples
    • Emotional Intelligence & Stress Quotient
  • LEGO® Serious Play® for Team management

    LEGO® Serious Play® for Team management

    • The Tools of LEGO® Serious Play®
    • Team Effectiveness & Management
    • The Strengths of Team member
    • Team Awareness & Transformation
  • Manage Your Peoples @Psychometric

    Manage Your Peoples @Psychometric

    • Team members measurement through Psychometric
    • Effective in team member distribution and management
    • Team transformation
  • The Psychology of Success

    The Psychology of Success


    • The processing of discovery insight in Customer Services discipline
    • Unique context & processing design for your Peoples

How can your program be delivered ?

Every project we engaged and curate will be different each time. Our four main methods of delivery can be singular, or multiple can be knitted together,
and each method can feature a combination of innovative facilitation approaches, gamification, video/virtual reality and assessments.

Whatever you choose, we will design and deliver your project in a way that works for you and ensures powerful end results for your people.